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Wednesday July 18th, 2018

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Hillcrest Academy

Hillcrest Academy

127 King Street
P.O. Box 40
Shelburne, Nova Scotia
Canada  B0T1W0
Phone: (902)875-5300
Fax: (902)875-5301


Principal: Mr. John Roscoe

Vice Principal: Mr. Matt Haliburton


* Hillcrest Academy is a food sensitive school. * 

Any food product that contains traces of peanuts and tree nuts is not permitted in Hillcrest Academy.

As well, raw eggs and egg sandwiches are not allowed.


Welcome to Hillcrest Academy! We will cooperatively provide a safe, student-centered environment that builds self-esteem, self-confidence, and the essential skills necessary for students to become productive members of a changing society.  Students will be encouraged to accept the differences of others, use responsible decision-making and exhibit qualities of good citizenship.  By ensuring high levels of learning for all students in our professional learning community, we can help them be successful. We want each parent to feel that their child is having a great year at Hillcrest Academy.

Strong parental and community support enhances the quality of education at Hillcrest Academy. We hope you will visit the school often. Please come meet with us, communicate with us, join the Parent Teacher Support Group, and volunteer your time and energy. We know that your involvement, combined with the efforts of our outstanding staff, will make this school year a rich and rewarding year for your child. Please call (902)875-5300 if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions. 


June, 2018

  • Hillcrest Academy is in need of volunteers for the breakfast program and library program. If you are interested in volunteering for either of these programs please contact the school.
  • Hillcrest Academy is looking for spare noon hour supervisors. Please contact the school for further information.
  • To view the Provincial School Code of Conduct
  • Please have daily bus transfers filled out properly and ready to be passed in by 11:00 am. Transfers should only be phoned in if there is an emergency.
  • When a student is late for school, please bring them to the office and sign them in.
  • Parents must report to the office at any time during the day when they come to our school.  Parents should not go directly to their child’s classroom.
  • Parents and volunteers are reminded that your RCMP and Child Abuse checks/documents must be renewed each year. Without the completed documentation, you will not be permitted to participate in school activities.
  • We are a food sensitive school. Any food product that contains traces of peanuts, tree nuts and egg are not permitted in Hillcrest Academy.
  • Students are permitted to bring small containers (250ml or less) of hand sanitizer to class.
  • School Day Schedule       8:35-8:55 School Entry

8:55-9:00                 O’ Canada, Announcements

                9:00-11:00               Class Time 

                11:00-11:15             Recess

                11:15-12:15             Class Time (P-6)

                11:15-12:35             Class Time (2-6)

                12:15-1:25               P-1 Lunch   (eat 12:15-12:35)        

                12:35-1:25               2-3 Lunch   (eat 12:35-12:55)

                12:35-1:25               4-6 Lunch   (eat 1:05-1:25)

                1:25-1:30                 Registration

                1:30-2:55                 Class Time

  • Morning Entry Routine

Students who arrive at school at 8:35 or later, are to enter the building and go directly to the cafeteria or to their classroom.  If lunch is being purchased, students are to proceed to the cafeteria to pay for their lunch and then walk to their classroom.  Students who are not purchasing lunch are to walk directly to their classroom.  Snacks will still be available at recess in the cafeteria. 

  • Lunch times:   P-1 Lunch 12:15 – 12:35;   2-3 Lunch 12:35-12:55;   4-6 Lunch 1:05-1:25. The price of lunch is $3.75. The price of milk is $0.40.
  • Any student that requires the administration of medication at school must have all school medical forms completed by the parents and placed on file in the main office.  All medication must be in the original container provided by the pharmacy with the pharmacy label.